This Web site is the official location that will enable the general public to download Frogans Player in 2022. Currently, a version for developers is available for testing. This Web site is published by the OP3FT.

If you are looking for information on the company F2R2, the FCR Operator, and in particular on its ongoing public share offering operation (available to residents of France only), visit the Web site

Frogans Player is the free-of-charge software used by end-users to browse Frogans sites.

From this Web site, you can download the version of Frogans Player which corresponds to your device. Whatever type of device you have (smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer, etc.), you will benefit from the same browsing experience and the identical display of Frogans sites. For example, without the need for any additional installation, you will be able to navigate Frogans sites that are published around the world in any language.

No registration process is involved when downloading or using Frogans Player. End-user privacy is protected under the terms of the OP3FT Privacy Policy.

For your security, you must download Frogans Player from this official location only ( Note that you may be asked to follow a link to an application store.

If you find another location which offers to download Frogans Player, please report it to the OP3FT, the non-profit standards developing organization that is responsible for the development and distribution of all versions of Frogans Player.

Once installed, the following logo allows you to identify Frogans Player on your device:

Frogans Player Logo

Currently available versions

Frogans Player is not yet available for the general public. To keep up with the latest versions of Frogans Player, subscribe free of charge to the Announcement read-only mailing list.

In the meantime, a version of Frogans Player is available for developers wishing to create and test their first Frogans sites using the FSDL language.

As a developer, you can download Frogans Player for the following platforms:

The figurative trademark "Two superimposed yellow and blue rectangles" identifying Frogans Player is a trademark of the OP3FT. Its use is governed by the OP3FT Trademark Usage Policy.

Last update: May 16, 2022.

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